Play Kontio­lahti – North Karelia in miniature

Kontio­lahti is an authentic and vibrant tourist desti­na­tion in North Karelia. Kontio­lahti offers the best aspects of Eastern Finnish nature and culture in an easily acces­sible and experien­tial package.

In Kontio­lahti, you can move around and experience adven­tures in stunning natural landscapes and experience authentic encoun­ters with locals. Easy and functional connec­tions enable visitors to remain connected with the world, even in the middle of the forest. Kontio­lahti encou­rages ecolo­gical and respon­sible tourism.

From Kontio­lahti you can easily reach Koli and it´s famous Finnish national landscape. Joensuu, the biggest city of the region and the center of major events, is also just 20 kilometres away. 

Activi­ties for families

Active adults

A pioneer in ecotourism

Video: Mountain biking takes you to Kontio­lah­ti’s numerous marked trails, and you can also extend the routes on unmarked trails.

Video: Venejoen Mylly in Kontio­lahti offers accom­mo­da­tion and relaxa­tion for travelers

Video: Kontio­lah­ti’s forests, rivers and lakes offer diverse oppor­tu­ni­ties for picking mushrooms and berries and enjoying nature.

Video: The charm of frisbee golf in the beautiful nature of Kontiolahti.

Video: The wonderful landscapes of Kontio­lahti, the well-maintained ski slopes and also the condi­tions of the stadium offer versa­tile skiing oppor­tu­ni­ties for fitness enthusiasts as well as compe­ti­tive athletes.

Video: Kontio­lah­ti’s clean nature, lakes and versa­tile desti­na­tions with hidden spots invite you to try canoeing on both self-guided and guided tours.

Video: During snowmo­bile travel it’s wonderful to enjoy the lovely nature of Kontio­lahti with its versa­tile route possibilities.

Video: Orien­tee­ring is a versa­tile hobby. You can enjoy the nature of Kontio­lahti both in the forest, by the water and on the ridges while orienteering.

Video: Kontio­lahti has several child-friendly swimming beaches with clear water, where you can enjoy the trip atmosp­here during swimming.

Video: The wonderful nature of Kontio­lahti offers versa­tile activi­ties and the joy of exercise.

Piirretty kuvitteellinen kartta Kontiolahden alueesta.

Play Kontio­lahti – Sustai­nable and Welcoming 

Play Kontio­lahti is about movement, adven­ture and play.
We invite the traveler to visit unfor­get­table scenery and to take part in our way of life.
Toget­her­ness, fun activi­ties and local encoun­ters will form an experience that will last a lifetime.

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