From Roots to the Present

Greetings from Kontiolahti!

The ice age has left us special gifts. 10,000 years ago, the continent melted and shaped the landscape. Höytiäinen shrank to its present shape and Pielinen erupts into a river, later called the Pielisjoki. A landscape of forests, waters and valleys is created, in the middle of which the municipality of Kontiolahti was founded in 1873.

The benefits of exercise have been known here for centuries. In past times, the peasants believed most in the exercise that work brought. In the 20th century, it was understood that it is good for a person to have hobbies as well. A variety of club activities and joint activities emerged. The value of natural sites was understood and routes were opened to the municipal terrain. In Kontiolahti, which has been chosen as the most creative municipality in Finland, it is still known: Leisure activities in impressive landscapes keep the body moving and the mind refreshed.

Kontiolahti is an ideal destination for active travelers. It is located in the heart of forested North Karelia, among the clear waters. Even in the area of ​​a large municipality, the landscapes varies. Here you can hike in the pine forest, cycle along small roads or trails and climb hills. You can walk by the cliffs or have an adventure through  the ravines. A lover of water sports will head to Höytiäinen’s long sandy beaches, hop on a boat or get excited to try kayaking.

The skier is pampered with smooth slopes and the biathlon stadium invites both international and world-class atheletes. Quiet trails can be found in the forest scenery.

Play Kontiolahti gives fresh tips on the best things to do in the area. The site presents excursion destinations and outdoor routes, various playgrounds and sports destinations, restaurants and cafés, as well as museums. Numerous high-quality service providers easily transport the tourist with his entourage to the municipality’s number one destinations, fishing waters, wilderness adventures and other activities.

Kontiolahti knows its strength and welcomes the tourist to the landscape.