From Roots to the Present

Greetings from Kontiolahti!

The ice age has left us special gifts. 10,000 years ago, the conti­nent melted and shaped the landscape. Höytiäinen shrank to its present shape and Pielinen erupts into a river, later called the Pielis­joki. A landscape of forests, waters and valleys is created, in the middle of which the munici­pa­lity of Kontio­lahti was founded in 1873.

The benefits of exercise have been known here for centu­ries. In past times, the peasants believed most in the exercise that work brought. In the 20th century, it was unders­tood that it is good for a person to have hobbies as well. A variety of club activi­ties and joint activi­ties emerged. The value of natural sites was unders­tood and routes were opened to the municipal terrain. In Kontio­lahti, which has been chosen as the most creative munici­pa­lity in Finland, it is still known: Leisure activi­ties in impres­sive landscapes keep the body moving and the mind refreshed.

Kontio­lahti is an ideal desti­na­tion for active trave­lers. It is located in the heart of forested North Karelia, among the clear waters. Even in the area of ​​a large munici­pa­lity, the landscapes varies. Here you can hike in the pine forest, cycle along small roads or trails and climb hills. You can walk by the cliffs or have an adven­ture through  the ravines. A lover of water sports will head to Höytiäi­nen’s long sandy beaches, hop on a boat or get excited to try kayaking.

The skier is pampered with smooth slopes and the biathlon stadium invites both inter­na­tional and world-class atheletes. Quiet trails can be found in the forest scenery.

Play Kontio­lahti gives fresh tips on the best things to do in the area. The site presents excur­sion desti­na­tions and outdoor routes, various playgrounds and sports desti­na­tions, restau­rants and cafés, as well as museums. Numerous high-quality service provi­ders easily trans­port the tourist with his entou­rage to the municipality’s number one desti­na­tions, fishing waters, wilder­ness adven­tures and other activities.

Kontio­lahti knows its strength and welcomes the tourist to the landscape.