Play Kontiolahti – North Karelia in miniature

Kontiolahti is an authentic and vibrant tourist destination in North Karelia. Kontiolahti offers the best aspects of Eastern Finnish nature and culture in an easily accessible and experiential package.

In Kontiolahti, you can move around and experience adventures in stunning natural landscapes and experience authentic encounters with locals. Easy and functional connections enable visitors to remain connected with the world, even in the middle of the forest. Kontiolahti encourages ecological and responsible tourism.

From Kontiolahti you can easily reach Koli and it´s famous Finnish national landscape. Joensuu, the biggest city of the region and the center of major events, is also just 20 kilometres away. 

Activities for families

Active adults

A pioneer in ecotourism

Video: Mountain biking takes you to Kontiolahti’s numerous marked trails, and you can also extend the routes on unmarked trails.

Video: Venejoen Mylly in Kontiolahti offers accommodation and relaxation for travelers

Video: Kontiolahti’s forests, rivers and lakes offer diverse opportunities for picking mushrooms and berries and enjoying nature.

Video: The charm of frisbee golf in the beautiful nature of Kontiolahti.

Video: The wonderful landscapes of Kontiolahti, the well-maintained ski slopes and also the conditions of the stadium offer versatile skiing opportunities for fitness enthusiasts as well as competitive athletes.

Video: Kontiolahti’s clean nature, lakes and versatile destinations with hidden spots invite you to try canoeing on both self-guided and guided tours.

Video: During snowmobile travel it’s wonderful to enjoy the lovely nature of Kontiolahti with its versatile route possibilities.

Video: Orienteering is a versatile hobby. You can enjoy the nature of Kontiolahti both in the forest, by the water and on the ridges while orienteering.

Video: Kontiolahti has several child-friendly swimming beaches with clear water, where you can enjoy the trip atmosphere during swimming.

Video: The wonderful nature of Kontiolahti offers versatile activities and the joy of exercise.

Piirretty kuvitteellinen kartta Kontiolahden alueesta.

Play Kontiolahti – Sustainable and Welcoming 

Play Kontiolahti is about movement, adventure and play.
We invite the traveler to visit unforgettable scenery and to take part in our way of life.
Togetherness, fun activities and local encounters will form an experience that will last a lifetime.